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Saturday, August 6, 2011

New Things Coming to Varolo

Varolo would like to announce that beginning August 7, 2011, Varolo users will earn money on their own ad views.  We have been listening to the many suggestions that have come in from our users saying that people want to earn from their own ad views.  We were always resistant to this idea because we wanted everyone to focus on the large earning potential of the village. As we have said many times, the power of Varolo is in numbers.  The larger your village is, and the more ads they view, the more money you make.  But many users have told us that it isn’t about the money; it is about getting instant gratification from watching ads yourself PLUS (and more importantly) it shows greater credibility for users as they are just starting in Varolo and don’t have a village to earn from yet.  The feedback from all of you is that you believe this will increase the activity rate of new users. 

Currently 21% of the ad revenue is paid to the village.  Starting Sunday, we are going to pay out 21% for the users own ad views IN ADDITION TO the 21% paid to the village.  In other words, you will continue to make all the money you normally do from your village, but you will ALSO earn money from your own ad views.

We have done our best to create a totally free service that allow anyone to make money for just 10 minutes a day.  But as everyone knows it takes everyone’s participation to earn good money.  We have lots of advertisers in the system wanting more and more views of their ads.  So let’s keep the energy high in our ad views and sponsoring new users in Varolo so we can all be successful together.

So, sign up today at: and let's earn together.  Whether you be 13 or older, you all can earn some extra spending money, gift cards, and even a huge jackpot.  And of course, it's FREE TO JOIN.

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