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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Varolo Review

Interested in making easy money? Let’s be honest, this will not make you a millionaire, but it WILL help you accumulate some extra spending money, and with this type of economy, who could turn that down?

Last month I came across My first thought was, “oh no, another web site where you review commercials and products and you don’t get any money back!” I quickly learned I was WRONG!

What does that no other site does is allows you to build a “Village,” which is like a web of friends. By finding friends and family of my own to join my “village”, and start earning money for themselves,  I quickly grew my Village to 10 members over a week span. Now that I have a strong core, my original village members began building their own villages, which multiplied my earnings! YOU CAN DO THE SAME!  Along with your earnings, you can build points and redeem for Gift Cards.  They also have an awesome Jackpot that you can try to win at the end of the week.

It does take a few weeks to really get up and running, but all you do is watch less than 10 minutes of commercials or a movie preview a day, how easy is that? And, get this, you can sign your 13 year old under you,  or put your spouse or significant other under you.  Over time, you spread the word and your village quickly grows and so do your EARNINGS!

If you are interested in singing up it is FREE!  IT NEVER COSTS YOU ANYTHING!

GO TO: and click user tour. After you view the User Tour, click create free profile now.

If you have any questions please ask! I would love to help you build your own village!

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