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Crowdtap.... Are you tapped in??

 Crowdtap is an awesome Site, FREE, I got 4 FREE outfits from Old Navy from this site. I didn't have to pay a penny. Just answered a few questions each day, and shared a few links and next thing I know I'm getting 100% free stuff. Crowdtap takes less than 5 minutes a day, of course I never remember to check every single day, so if you do, you could be further ahead than me. I am up to $10.00.  

How long did it take to earn that?

Well I joined Crowdtap about two weeks ago.  I've completed three levels in the last couple weeks. However, I don't check it every day.. I post all the web shares to facebook and that helps alot. You only need 4 people to click on them and rate a thumbs up or down, and you earn a 100 points for each click and rate (and any extra click and rates over 4) then you get a $1 for completing it and making your goal. Just make sure you do the quick hits everyday and you'll get to those levels in no time, and the people who click and rate for you do not have to be a member either.. anyone can click for you.. which is a bonus.. However getting your friends to sign up under your specific link increases your points and your cash. You receive points for all of them and cash for the first 5. So get to Tapping at Crowdtap !!!!!!

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